Sweet Art Collective Interview

Sweet Art are a London based art collective, we sat down with the team to talk more about their work, the group, twitter, their motivations and their latest exhibition ‘Visions of Dr.H.’

Who Are Sweet Art?

Sweet ‘Art is a London based art collective founded in 2012 dedicated to the promotion of established and upcoming artists. We launched with a big group show in aid of International Women’s day last year and since then have developed the way in which we host one off pop up exhibitions with a difference. We enjoy representing the work of artists from many mediums including sculptors, illustrators, painters and filmmakers. We most often have an open submission policy and feel we showcase the work of talented artists who may be struggling for recognition in the art world and hope to create a sense of community and support for those who exhibit with us.


Who is a part of the group?

There are loads of us and we have a lot of artists working with us now but the main Sweet ‘Art team is made up of Corrina Eastwood who is Sweet ‘Arts director. Corrina is a practicing artist working as a painter and in film; her last short film as co- director and writer was previewed at Cannes and Raindance film festivals in 2012. She is also a published writer about feminism and the arts and is a practicing art psychotherapist. She has little spare time but does enjoy getting Sweet ‘Art show themed tattoos. There is also Charlotte Elliston who does all things admin. She trained as a fine artist, completing her degree specailising in film installation work in 2002. Since then, she has worked in the fashion industry and is currently working as a buyer for a luxury retailer. In her spare time she enjoys attending immersive theatre, and attempting to learn the Lindy Hop.

Jerome Beresford is a London based architect who’s been interested in algorithmic and computational design for a number of years. He has been directing that interest into fine art drawings by fusing traditional drafting techniques and scripting, though recently he has been concentrating on interactive installations and trying to create pieces that are somewhere between an artwork and a game. These works always go down well at Sweet ‘Art shows. Jerome spends his spare time scripting digital artworks, he really does. Gavin Round very much takes a lead with design and is a practicing artist and a professional filmmaker currently working for Warner Bros. In his spare time he makes plans to have spare time. Then there is our awesome intern Karina Geddes who is in her final year of study. She works in illustration and textiles creating pieces from print and embroidery and taking inspiration from folk lore, culture and architecture. She has a very close relationship with her pet rabbit Alistair.

What were the motivations behind starting the collective?

We feel we can be an approachable and inclusive support for talented artists wanting to make their way in the art world. At our launch show which took place in a Crypt we had a digital fashion installation by fashion designer Shara Hayz where guests were invited to drink at the Futuritual alter in the depth of the Crypt, and a haunting instillation by Laura Jean Healy who’s film Siren was projected life size, seamlessly into one of the Crypt’s eerie caverns. We had vagina cupcakes and some great sponsors in Asahi Beer and Black Cow vodka. We realized then that people really enjoyed these elements of the show and that it really complemented the more traditional works. We decided that we would provide something different than is currently happening in the scene, events that merge many different disciplines and make art, even the more traditional forms, approachable.



Tell us more about your latest exhibition ‘Visions of Dr.H’

Visions of Dr H’ actually started as a joke on Facebook that we probably took too far! We normally do big group shows with an open submission policy but we some how decided that an entire exhibition of portraits of Dr Huxtable from the Cosby show would be an awesome idea and a group of Sweet ‘Art artists got working on their portraits.

We approached the popular bar Juno in Shoreditch who were sold immediately on the idea, getting Johnny Walker Whiskey on board which made for a pretty fun opening night. The show is on until May and well worth a look if you’re in London. We are already working on our next show, which will be in September to run as part of London Fashion Week.


Who are your favourite inspirations? & people to follow on twitter?

We are constantly inspired by our artists, they are our barometer of what’s new and what to look out for, they are always up to cool stuff with or without us so we follow artists like Lucy Sparrow (@lucySparrow) Connie Sides (@Sidelings) Dannielle Hodson (@danaedoodles) and Lyndsay Martin (@LyndsayMartin80) In fashion we keep on eye on Shara Hayz (@SharaHayz) and Maison Twenty (@MaisonTwenty). We like to keep up with more general creative blogs like Fad (@FadWebsite) London Art (@Londonart) Shoreditch Hype (@shoreditchhype) Inky goodness (@inkygoodness) and Le Cool London (@lecoollondon). For fun we follow Jim’ll Paint it (@Jimllpaintit) and Sarah Silverman (@sarahsilverman) to name but a few!

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