Typography and Graphic Designer Vacharin Vacharopast

Vacharin Vacharopast is a multi disciplinary graphic designer with work focusing on the art of typography, aiming to push his own boundaries of design to produce work that welcomes this passion.

‘The art of communication and typography is at the centre of my work. The simplicity of expressing an idea through design I find is a beautiful privilege. From moving image, expressive typography to layout design, it is this idea of communication that binds my work together. In everything I do I always ask myself: “what does this communicate?”. The more I question this the more I continue to push myself.

This ethos originated from my studies in the Typo / Graphics pathway of graphic and media design at the London College of Communication. It was this pathway and my peers that really shaped who I am as a designer. It is this reason that my influences mainly derive from my peers, as they are constantly pushing me to improve my own work and to continue to evolve as a visual communicator.’



‘After graduating I interned at Birch which greatly prepared me for life in the design industry, and opened my eyes to how design and typography have developed in the digital world.

I am currently working as a junior designer at Peter Anderson Studio. My work entails projects that range from title sequences pitches, layout design to place branding. The studio has helped me become more expressive in my own work and changed my perspective on design, with communication still being a prominent part of what we do. What I enjoy most about the studio is that the work follows the same ethos as my own with communication being at the centre of the concept. Also I am working in collaboration with the designers Carrolynne Hsieh and Luis Ribeiro on a project about experiencing sound.’




Website | @Sing4Vach