University of Ulster Graduate Erin Taggart

A Fine Art graduate from the University of Ulster, Erin Taggart has since moved to Newcastle upon Tyne and has established her own illustration studio.


“I’ve always loved children’s books and it’s been no surprise how heavily influenced by artists such as Quentin Blake, Beatrix Potter and Oliver Jeffers I have become. I have always felt happier working with materials like felt tip pens, crayons and colouring pencils rather than Oil paints or more traditional media. This has gone hand in hand with what I love to draw and illustrate. During my Fine Art Degree at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, I worked to explore and create an imaginary, childlike world, inhabited by dozens of colourful strange creatures. I wanted to visualise a world that existed only in my imagination, as I also explored the notion that adults who experience trauma or tragedy during their childhood years are prone to reclusion into their own imaginary universe.”


“After graduating in 2013, I moved from Belfast, Northern Ireland to Newcastle upon Tyne, England where I quickly set up my studio and am currently working to further develop my illustration portfolio. I’m also thoroughly enjoying taking part in a distance learning diploma in Illustrating Children’s books from the London Art College, as well as exploring for the first time Newcastle’s many art galleries, museums and studio groups.

My drawing at the moment has allowed me to create my own patterns, play with colour gradients and genuinely enjoy creating work as I progress to a place where I can illustrate professionally.”




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