Visual Merchandising & Promotional Design Graduate Samantha Banks

Samantha Banks is a recent BA graduate from University of Central Lancashire, Visual Merchandising and Promotional Design.

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‘Throughout my course I studied many different areas of design, which included VM, Promotional, Theatre and Model making. I always knew my higher education would involve the creative arts, but choosing a specific area was hard for me. This is why the course I completed appealed to me as it covered a wide range of design which I wanted to pursue. Over the years of study I found myself leaning towards the promotional side of design, and started getting excited over designing logos, brand identities and creating layouts for brochures, books etc. It felt great to realise my passion, and to know what I wanted to do once I left University. Together with my studies I got to work with outside companies which included the Edinburgh International Festival, which was a great project to be involved in. I helped and designed an in store installation to promote the Festival and also designed, created and installed three window displays for the companies John Lewis, Waterstone’s and Jenner’s department store.’


‘I have many different things that inspire me; most of them come from my childhood such as animated films which I still love today. I am a huge Disney Fan and have loved the style and work from many Disney animators and artists. Some of my favourites include Glen Keane, Mary Blair and most recently Brittney Lee. Brittney Lee, recent work includes working on the new Disney film Frozen, her illustrations are so beautiful and paper art is just mesmerising to look at.

Since leaving university I am still learning new skills, and perfecting my techniques. I am currently a freelance designer, and have taken on projects for the Liverpool museum and other companies which have included designing brochures, logos and much more. I have also found a new passion in my personal work which is creating illustrations, I’m quite new to the game and have a lot to learn, but I’m enjoying creating my own original work, and finding my own style.’


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