Graphic Design Student Emma Liles

Emma Liles is a third year Graphic design student at the University of Cumbria, a self confessed stationary fanatic who’s graduating this summer.

Magazine Mockup page 2 greenland

Magazine Mockup greenland

‘I am a stationary fanatic and have a extensive collection of note books in which I like to doodle my ideas as and when they come. Amongst one of my favourite tools at the moment is my dip pen and ink which combined with illustrator is how I illustrate a lot of my current work. Although I am mainly into editorial work at the moment I still like exploring web design and packaging.

Rather than focusing on one area I prefer exploring all avenues of design and including elements of them into my work. I am always ready to take on a challenge and I enjoy learning new things. I have recently happened upon hand rendering and I’m currently employing a more analogue approach to my work, but I willingly embrace all things digital.’

How to train your tuffle pig 4

How to train your tuffle pig 3

‘Some of the recent work that I have done include a humours book on ‘How to train your truffle pig.’ It is a step by step guide of all the things you need teach a pig for it to become a successful truffle hunter, including hand draw Illustrations. I have also worked on chocolate packaging and promotion for a range of dark chocolates by Divine, as well as a two page spread for a City/Regional magazine aimed at young travelers. The spread covers where to eat, stay and hang out like a local in the town of Ittoqqortoormiit in Greenland.’

poster insitue 2

Chocolate packaging


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