Comic Comp Winner’s Announcement

It’s high time that we showed off the InstantPrint Comic Comp winner, congratulations to the lucky lady as picked by the judges (that’s us!) Kelly Angel (@TheKangel).


Kelly Angel ‘Ambition’

“The quality of ‘Ambition’ comes through with the script quality. You can feel the characters anguish and really empathize with them. It has great potential to be shared. It’s a universal story and the wry humor sets it apart from the other finalists. It is also one that I could see running in all major global newspapers as an ongoing column.” -Jared of Design Juices

‘Instantprint would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered the competition. All of you guys did a fantastic job and hopefully you’ll have something you’re proud to put in your portfolio! We hope that in future you all continue to create amazing design work and more importantly have fun in the process.’