Colour Trend Designer and Blogger Eleanor Fay Nicholson

Eleanor Fay Nicholson is currently studying through a year in industry for her BA Design and Colour Technology course at the University of Leeds, UK.

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‘My University course is BA Design and Colour Technology (IND) which includes a year in industry (2013/14). I worked for 3 months in Shoreditch, London in the Summer of 2013 at Studio Private. There I worked with publications such as British, Russian and US Vogue, Tatler, ID and Dazed etc on a daily basis as well as global fashion labels such as Gucci, Sephora and Fendi.

I have also worked 3 months in central Leeds in web design with Label Media who are No.1 for building eCommerce sites in Yorkshire. Their clients include BBC, Bic and ZOO Sport. I am currently the design intern at Propaganda Agency who specialise in branding and marketing. They are the creators of the fastest growing makeup brand ever, Illamasqua, launched GHD hair straighteners and have worked with brands such as Boost energy drinks and Ann Summers.’

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‘I am enjoying applying my colour trend, colour management and colour psychology skills across all areas. I feel this sets me apart and keeps my work interesting. So far, I have applied my knowledge to photography, post production, web design, branding, marketing, home-ware design, interior design and social media.’

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‘My work and blog revolves around the sensation of colour and design. I look at which colour combinations inspire people, which colours are trending, how colours work in different situations, with different lighting and backgrounds and what colour gives the right message for its proposed context; fashion, branding, graphic design, interior and product design and social media all require this knowledge. My skill is a very specific one and can be seen as UX design-style work and I am extremely passionate about how design and colour can improve human experience. Colour should not be underestimated; get it wrong and your product, garment, interior, brand or website can fail in less than 10 seconds. Understanding the psychology of different hues has always intrigued me. I also have an undying love for geometric design!’

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