Falmouth University Illustration Student Samantha Holmlund

Samantha Holmlund is a 3rd year illustration student from Falmouth University. Her interests include the comic art medium as well as the adventure/fantasy genre.


‘It wasn’t until I went to Cleveland College of Art and Design that I knew I really wanted to do Illustration. My lecturer at the time, Andrew Edwards, helped me make the decision to do Illustration as a degree and really pushed me into going to Falmouth University.

Comic books have always influenced my work. Anything from the mainstream to independently released work. Artists that inspire me now are the likes of Mike Mignola, Angelo Stano and Alex Nino. Although the artists I always look to for inspiration seem to be Frank Frazetta and Jeffrey Catherine Jones.’


8mm spine

‘My way of working the last few years has become completely digital. I have always been a fan of the print texture you can get from different kinds of mark making so I now try to incorporate that into my work to give it a more natural feel. In most of my work the same 3 textures are used.

I have just recently finished a comic that is now available on my etsy. For now I am focusing on finishing my degree and working on more comic projects in my spare time.’




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