Final Year Illustration Student Hannah Coote

Hannah Coote is a third year illustration degree student at Hull School of Art and Design in Yorkshire, England.

Shug Monkey Ink Work

‘Throughout my final year on my degree, I have begun to specialise in collage and ink work; I have a loose but free visual language which is more often than not, inspired by sumi-e (Japanese ink wash drawings) and Japanese woodblock prints. I use a variety of tools and materials from dip pen and ink to bamboo sticks and pastels to explore line and expression.

Contemporary artists I am particularly inspired by includes Mark Hearld, who I had the pleasure of being tutored by during the last semester of my Foundation Diploma (this is where I found my voice in collage), and my current tutor, Melodie Neesom, who inspired the use of dip pen and ink in me; also other illustrators such as Quentin Blake and Diana Sudyka have played important roles in my development as an artist.’

Cheltenham 2013 Entry

‘The core subject of my work this year has been folklore legends and myths; mostly focusing on Japanese legends. Previous to Christmas, I was set a brief to create an image a day, so I looked up various folklore creatures and interpreted them myself – from this I created a bestiary book. Leading into my final major project, which I am still working on now, I have already created various screen prints, an original story picture book and now I am working on an art doll, which are all inspired by Japanese folklore. I have also just finished a competition entry for the Cheltenham Illustration Awards, which I entered last year and was placed highly commended.

In addition to this, I also have a passion for animals, and I have recently worked on several Save the Arctic and Ban Angora posters which aim to raise awareness of these heinous acts.’

Save the Arctic

‘My aim for when I finish my degree (in a couple of months!), is to be represented by an agency and hopefully travel, more specifically, visit and work in Japan. It has an amazing and inspiring culture which has impacted on a lot of my work and life.’

Snow Lion Collage

Bunbuku Chagama Screen Print

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