Fine Art Photographer Elise Bloom

Elise Bloom is a Fine Art Photographer from Manchester who has recently graduated from Blackpool & the Fylde College with BA (Hons) Photography in July 2013.



“My work is of the Fine Art genre. I take an interest in all aspects of photography, always looking to add a different twist on something simple. My portraiture uses colour as a prominent feature. I find the colours I use help to evoke emotions and portray symbolism. I use narratives in my portraiture to give my images structure and depth, so the viewer can understand my thought process and find the aspects of my imagery that represent my thoughts.

My personal project, ‘Scanogram Photography – Floral’ is a project that I felt helped me understand what type of artist I wanted to be today. I became ‘hands-on’ with every aspect of the project, and the slow and concentrated process gave me a love and appreciation that I now have with all my art. It’s given me the artistic, colourful flare that features in the work I do.”


Elise is now working as a professional photography in an E-Commerce environment whilst planning future personal projects which will be featured on her website.




Website | Tumblr | @elisebloom