Freelance Fashion and Textiles Designer Sophie Bard

Sophie Bard is a 2011 (BA) Textile Design graduate from Nottingham Trent University. Since graduating Sophie has found work teaching digital design workshops at Nottingham Trent and working as a freelance designer.

Ted Baker Jewel Print 2010

‘I have been drawing and enjoying art since I was a young child and used to spend lots of time with my Grandpa in his painting studio, and I would say he was my earliest inspiration. Since then I developed this passion and now work as a freelance print designer, illustrator and tutor selling to clients such as Ted Baker, Victoria’s Secret, Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

I studied a BA degree in Textile Design at Nottingham Trent and graduated in 2011. My tendency is to focus on image and my tutors encouraged me to really explore the capabilities of mark making through many different forms. I still love to experiment and learn new techniques now and love creating new combinations of media to build up designs.

The main techniques that I use in my work are pencil/pigment-pen/vector drawings and Photography. I then import the imagery into Photoshop, which allows me to use complex manipulation techniques, and then build up a composition from those elements. Working digitally allows for an incredible amount of variation and I find that the instantaneous nature fits with the way I work as it allows me to explore many possibilities before coming to a resolution.’

Typographic drawing

‘A lot of my commercial experience lies within fashion print design. While studying for my degree I really focussed on building industry connections and doing work-experience such as assisting teaching Photoshop workshops. I took a year out after my second year and gained invaluable skills and exposure working for a fashion print studio in Bethnal Green as well as freelancing.

Since graduating I decided to start working as a freelance designer so that I can work directly with clients, have more control over my work and most importantly, work on diverse projects so that I keep learning. I mainly work from my studio in Camberwell when I am not working in Nottingham.’


‘I also teach digital design workshops at Nottingham Trent University in the Fashion and Textiles department and I am soon to start teaching at Community Education Lewisham. Teaching brings more diversity to my working week as well as being very rewarding. I have never been the kind of person that can lock myself away for weeks on end so I appreciate the social contact along with being in such a creative, encouraging environment.

I am currently working on a project with Ted Baker with the store design department. The project consists of creating 3 bespoke digital wallpaper prints for the fitting rooms of a new store opening in Panama. I have included an early design development but it won’t be until later into the summer until the finals are used in store.

Large-scale surface design is an area that I am keen to pursue further so am currently involved in setting up a live illustration battle. The event will feature two teams of artists competing against each other to fill a wall with themed illustrations in a limited time frame.’

Mixed media digital composition

Ted Baker Wallpaper developement

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