Freelance Graphic Designer Ryan Meikle

Ryan Meikle has recently returned home to Scotland to continue his design career, he is a graduate of both Strathclyde University and more recently Shillington College in Graphic design.


‘I have always been a creative person, always finding the time to be creative no matter what else was going on. I carried this attitude through school where I went on to study Product Design and Innovation at Strathclyde University. Throughout the course I found that more and more of my time was being spent on the look and feel of the portfolio, the branding, the marketing side of my projects as opposed to the product I was designing. The satisfaction seemed to come more from the graphics than it did for the product. After graduation I did a little research and found Shillington College in Manchester which I attended and graduated from in 2010, pretty much straight after University. This gave me the skills I needed to pursue a Graphic Design career.

I had fallen in love with Manchester and shortly after graduation was employed at RetroFuzz where I had spent the last three and half years working for clients in the music and fashion industry. My time at RetroFuzz taught me a lot about being a designer, working with a fantastic team and getting to design and create everything from flyers to books, websites to Spotify apps for a whole host of amazing clients. I am very proud to have been given the chance to design for clients such as Lady Gaga, Frank Ocean, Universal Music, Eastpak and Wrangler.’


‘I have always strived to push my work as far as possible, savouring the challenge. Having worked heavily with digital platforms, new technology fascinates me and I am always looking for ways to incorporate this into my work. I have a very keen eye for attention to detail and pride myself in adding the little touches to bring a design to life. My work is very hands on, I love to sketch out everything before I touch the computer, it is a great way to get all my ideas down and out of my head. I love the freedom of expression pen and paper gives you, the mistakes you can make and the meticulous planning for a particular piece of work that goes into it. Design gives me the chance to try out new materials and techniques and I like to try and not restrict myself to the same processes or executions.

I have recently returned home to Scotland to continue my design career and I am looking forward to the new challenges it will bring my way. I have always been a keen illustrator in my spare time, never really producing anything in a professional capacity so my plan for the remainder of this year is to publish a bit more of my illustrations. I was fortunate enough to take part in the Artcrank Manchester exhibition last year where I produced a fully illustrated piece based on the theme of cycling, it was the response from this exhibition that has given me the confidence to push my illustration work this year.’


‘I am influenced by lots of different things and lots of different people, I think it’s built-in for designers to naturally strive to see, read and touch new things as well as meet, interact and create new things with new people. I spend a lot of time reading books and blogs, picking up flyers checking out what studios have been up to, just to try and keep on top of everything (I possibly can) that’s happening creatively in the world. At the moment I’m reading through a book called ‘Small Studios. Great Impact’ by Viction:ary. It documents the success of some small studios around the world who do amazing work across all sectors of the design community. It’s a very inspiring read and great to get the creative juices flowing.

I’m currently taking the time to start a few projects of my own whilst introducing myself to the Glasgow design scene and the people that make it tick. I love to collaborate so if anyone is interested in working with me, get in touch. Or just say hello.’



Website | @ryanmeikle11Behance