Freelance Illustrator Jessica Rawlings

Jessica Rawlings is a freelance illustrator based in the UK with a Masters in Design and a First Class Honours Degree in Illustration, which where both studied at the University of Lincoln.

A walk  in the Park 2 - design juice

‘The work shown was explored on the Masters courses and represents a series of different journeys that she has been on. Jess develops her work by walking in the environment and responds to the quirky things she sees and hears. Through visiting places it provides her with stimulus to create rich and complex imagery, which aims to enrich people’s own experience of the world and encourage them to explore, imagine and discover new possibilities.

Her current work incorporates her own thoughts, overheard conversations, those snatches of dialogue heard along the way, as well as personal insights and responses into the places, characters and animals encountered along her journeys, all of which has been inspired through the act of wandering.’

3d horse design juice

‘The conversations and dialogue that are incorporated into her work were documented by using a Dictaphone and a note book that she carried with her. Jess feels that these snippets of conversations add humour in the work and can offer the viewer part of the experience of what can be overheard when opening up more to new experiences and environments.

Currently Jess specialises in digital printing, screen printing, lino cuts, etchings, photo etchings, collage and 3D work. She is also looking into widening her product range by printing onto fabric and ceramics. ‘

A Walk in the Park 1 - design juice

A Walk in the Park 3- design juice

Run rabbit run

Twitt Twoo- design juice

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