Graphic Design Graduate Mike Williams

Mike Williams is a graduate from the graphic design course at Leeds College of Art, most recently he has been working with Badger Creek Brewery.


‘I am a Leeds based graphic designer that primarily works with hand rendered type and illustration. My choice of briefs for the last year of university has been focused towards the food and beverage sector.

I am about to graduate from Ba(Hons) Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art. Within the final year of my degree I focused my dissertation on the links between the rise in popularity of the craft beer market and the use of creative branding within it. I have written for Food&, an online collaboration platform for creative around the world, my screenprints have also been featured in several exhibitions.’


‘My most recent work is an identity for an American homebrewer, Badger Creek Brewery. As part of a self set student project, I created several aspects the the brewers identity. For the first offering from Bader Creek, two spray painted and wax sealed bottles are placed on a serving platter system whereby the drinker can smell the hops that is used in the brew, thus getting a full sensory experience.The artwork on the labels has been created by dropping coloured inks onto water colour paper which was submersed in water for several minutes, the fusion of the colours represents the flavours which are experienced when drinking the limited edition beers.’




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