Illustrator and Digital Artist Sasha Fowler

Sasha Fowler is a young illustrator, artist and Digital designer Based in Auckland New Zealand.

Bb King

Sasha grew up in Wellington and moved to Auckland For University where he graduated with honours in Visual Communications. Straight after Uni he worked for a web design studio for three years where he developed a passion for all things digital media related. Sasha contracts for various agencies in New Zealand, Australia and LA where he is most commonly found designing modern responsive websites, web applications and various hand held device apps.

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“I find the rate at which online design and digital media is evolving fascinating and I love being part of that development. Embracing all the new trends that appear out there and building on them gives me a sense that everyone involved is contributing to the new and unique experiences we are all enjoying today.”



Sasha also is a unique Digital illustrator and draws a lot of inspiration from gamming art and celebrity personalities. “ I love trying to capture peoples personalities within their faces, its always been a keen interest of mine since I was young”. Predominantly he works in Photoshop to create his pieces and says, “The process I paint in is just like painting traditionally but now it’s less messier and digital. The vibrancy and richness of colour I can archive by painting digitally is a bonus.”

SinLable UI

Looking forward Sasha wants to see his design and artwork in more Game apps and publications round the world.


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