Illustrator and Letterer Will Holmes

Will Holmes is an Englishman living in Brooklyn, refusing to take the u’s out of words, and making as much lettering and illustrations as he can. ‘I filled my head with typographic nonsense at Norwich School of Art (when it was still called Norwich School of Art), and after graduating I moved to Portland OR for a while, then London, then NY.’


I’m inspired by a whole load of stuff, from other letterers like Jessica Hische, Doyald Young, and Alex Trochut, to historical documents like The Book of Kells, to film titlecards from films from yesteryear.

At the moment I’m busy putting the finishing touches to a few art pieces that I have in the Secret 7″ exhibition, as well as a bit of lettering for The Portland Mercury. And I’m looking forward to whatever is coming next.






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