Falmouth University Graphic Design Graduate Kara Vallens

Kara Vallens is a Falmouth University graphic design graduate, who is now a freelance designer in Cornwall.

Freshers 1

Freshers 2

‘I find inspiration in the smallest of places from the lining of envelopes to the latest alcohol packaging in Tesco. My work is mainly hand crafted, there is something about putting pen to paper or ink to a screen that I love. Whilst in my final year of uni I got the chance to try out screen printing which resulted in the purchase of my own equipment so I could continue the fun at home. (This is by the far the best investment I have ever made!)

I have always loved the throw away graphics that no one notices. I got my first taste of creating these when I started my current job doing design work for my old students’ union, FXU. I was thrown in at the deep end enlisted with the job of producing the Freshers’ advertising, which, after an event in the town center, I found scattered across nightclub floors. There was something about this that I found strangely satisfying as if I had made it… almost.’


‘When I received my offer to study Graphic Design at Falmouth Uni I jumped at the chance, packing my pens and sketchbooks and moving almost 300 miles away from home to study by the sea. It’s a decision that I wouldn’t change for the world. Although uni life had its ups and downs it shaped me into a stronger designer with a clearer idea of where I wanted to be.

After graduating I landed a job at Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union. It has been a huge learning curve working with so many different voices, personalities and ideas when it comes to design but it has been amazing nonetheless. It has created so many great opportunities for me to test out some hidden skills. The best example of this is the advertising for our Garden Party, which I am currently working on, creating an entire garden scene out paper! (Cutting and sticking has slowly taken over my life in the past two weeks!)’

photograph copyright of Jonathan Wigmore

photograph copyright of Jonathan Wigmore

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