Product Design Student Adam Davies

Adam Davies is currently studying BA Product Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University, he is passionate about simple and functional design.

Bowls 5

‘Materials are really important within my design practice, I feel that experimentation with different materials and processes is not only exciting but it can make the outcome of the product unique. My designs always focus on materials and simplicity and I feel that my work portrays this very well.

I am influenced by Scandinavian Design. I feel that designers from Scandinavia, design relationships between the user and the product, they consider materials, manufacturing and sustainability. The most influential to me are Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen and Form us with Love.’

Pen pot 3

‘I have recently finished a module that allowed me to experiment with materials and processes. My materials experimentation started with paper and it’s now developed on from that to ceramics. I found that I was able to apply the process of folding in paper into ceramics and it would resemble the simple paper forms and Immortalise the paper in ceramic, while retaining the look of the paper. Having the opportunity to experiment with ceramics has been very exciting, as I have always had an interest in this material. I wanted to try new things and create individual pieces that stay true to my design ethics of simplicity and materials.’

Paper folding


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