Videographer and Motion Graphics Designer Chaske Haverkos

Chaske Haverkos is a motion graphics designer and videographer.

From the Floor from Chaske Haverkos on Vimeo.

My earliest inspirations stem from the skate videos my friends and I would watch in high school. The classics, Photosynthesis, One Step Beyond, Mosaic, Menikmati, all inspired me to not only film and edit, but also try to integrate motion graphics as well. After graduating from high school, I attended the DAAP program studying digital design at the University of Cincinnati. At DAAP I finally had access to professional tools and software. Coupled with the design principles I was learning, I was able to really strengthen my skills as a designer and artist. After graduating in 2008, I now work professionally in video production and motion graphics and continue to try to push my work both personally and professionally with new skills and knowledge.

What’s always drawn me to this type of design is your ability to create a feeling within the viewer. Finding that perfect harmony between the audio and the visuals. I strive for a certain emotional element and enjoy the control that you have over that when you’re editing or creating graphics.

VISUAL RADIO: SCOTT ZELLNER from Chaske Haverkos on Vimeo.

I generally have personal projects I’m working on, motion tests or short edits. I also recently finished up a short skate film, Visual Radio, with a friend of mine which we premiered in January. My most recent project was a compilation of all the motion tests, explorations, and graphics that I created while working on Visual Radio but didn’t end up using- mostly created with AE and C4D. It was satisfying experimenting and working to develop the overall visual style. I also love shooting and capturing our travels. There’s definitely many artists who inspire me, but GMUNK, Neekoe, Patrick Clair, work from Prologue and The Mill, Joe Castrucci, and Russell Houghten are amongst the many.

For me, creating motion graphics and videos is about the feeling and I look forward to continuing to better myself as a designer in order to achieve that.

San Francisco from Chaske Haverkos on Vimeo.

Hunter from Chaske Haverkos on Vimeo.

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