Freelance Graphic Designer Annelise Nelson

Annelise Nelson is a Shillington College graphic design graduate, who is now a freelance designer in London looking to join an awesome creative studio.

Reverb poster for DJ

‘What really gets me out of bed in the morning are great ideas. I love inspired, innovative, problem-solving ideas; they really get me excited! They can be big and grand or oh-so-simple, and they can come from anywhere. They key is to connect with the audience. I think that the value placed on ideas is one of they key features about my work, I really strive to connect through new ideas. It takes a lot of research, testing, logical reasoning and “putting oneself in another person’s shoes” but I enjoy all of that, and I think the results are worth the effort. People will remember how something made them feel and if your work can make someone feel something, even for just a moment, then I think you’re winning.

Variety is the spice of life as they say and I love learning and trying out new things (in the last 6 months I’ve gotten into paper folding and screen printing, and maybe also crochet, maybe). My work is quite varied in style and media because I think that as creatives, and as human beings, we should all try different things out. Be bold and push ourselves beyond our comfort zone! It can be terribly frightening and very frustrating and it may not work out, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. I’m currently planning a rather experimental hand made personal project for a book cover: it involves a fish, a lake, a waterproof camera, india ink and paper. It will be fun, it may also be catastrophic, there is only one way to find out!’

Bristol app for DJ

‘My journey into the graphic design world has been an unusual one, but one that I hope will make me a stronger designer. Born in Brazil, raised in the UAE, educated in Singapore, I came to London to study for a degree in microbiology. I’ve always been a keen observer with an eye for details you see, and I’ve also always enjoyed the research and logical reasoning. That was followed by a few very informative years as a teacher where I developed my presentation skills but also grew my appreciation for the importance of visual communication. Without a visually arresting lesson, the lesson content would not be as well understood! I’ve spent the last few years as a management consultant, again solving a variety of problems in a range of situations. I took a year out to participate in a round the world sailing race, and upon coming back to work suddenly discovered the world of graphic design. I’d never known what it was but here, in front of me, seemed to be what I’d been looking for! A vocation that had visual communication and problem solving at its core! I decided a career change was in order!’

‘I’ve just graduated from Shillington College in London and am bursting with excitement about the future. I’m doing some freelance work at the moment which means that I’m still exercising those creative brain cells daily. A placement at a diverse, lively London studio would be the ideal next step toward a future where I can bring all my skills together. I can’t wait!’

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