Contemporary Jewellery Artist Daniela Hedman

Daniela Hedman is a contemporary jewellery artist working and living in Stockholm, Sweden.


‘I have a big interest for the human body and especially for the relationship between body and mind and what impact they have on each other. Working in between crafts and fine arts is a perfect balance for me. I enjoy working with my hands, exploring new materials and techniques. Not entirely sure of the outcome but continuously searching for the right feeling that could be contained within the object itself.’


‘I started my education with the aim to become a photographer but instead became fascinated with the field of jewellery. I felt attracted to it more intuitively than rationally and today I am happy to have made that choice. I began my studies at Holbæk Kunsthøjskole in Denmark and later I continued my studies in Sweden where I took a Master’s Degree (2008) at Ädellab – Jewellery and Corpus at Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design.

I have studied for seven years and for me a long education has been crucial for my work. It has taught me to trust myself in my work process, assuring me that no matter how unclear the work can look, the outcome can always be something that I will be proud of.’


‘At the moment I am working together with a Dutch group called “Steinbeisser”. This collaboration involves culinary happenings at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam, where I will produce a series of cutlery and tableware to be used in the event. I normally work for exhibitions and galleries so this work feels different and challenging.’