Creative Sisters Buttercrumble aka Abigail & Chloe Baldwin

Abigail and Chloe Baldwin are a collective working together as ‘Buttercrumble‘, studying together they are soon to finish their studies in Graphic and Communication Design at the University of Leeds.

Sunny Day

‘We are a creative duo called Abigail and Chloe or collectively known as Buttercrumble. We are twin sisters and were born and raised in Yorkshire. Working together is something we’ve always enjoyed and we’re so glad to continue as a collective. Pursuing a degree in Graphic and Communication Design is what we’re currently up to and we’re doing that at The University of Leeds.

The work we create under the name of Buttercrumble is fresh, cute and quirky. Vectors can sometimes be seen as corporate and cold; however we like to give them a warmer edge by creating cute characters and worlds. We also try and incorporate handmade elements to give a bespoke and textural feel. Our work is influenced by our love of anything vintage! We are inspired by artists whose work has a retro appearance such as Orla Kiely, Lucienne Day and Disney’s, Mary Blair. Our favourite decades are the 50s and 60s – We hope these influence show through our own work. ‘


‘Our current projects include illustrating a map for our hometown, Scarborough which is fun because we get to show which parts we love about the seaside town. We’ve also been looking into printing our imaginative characters onto products as we have a strong interest in pattern and surface design. We’re hoping to develop our portfolio further as we progress through university and beyond!’

Rock Pool


January Blues


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