Digital Designer and Illustrator Satu Pelkonen

Satu Pelkonen is a Finnish 26 year old multidisciplinary digital designer & illustrator currently living in Helsinki, Finland. A media technology graduate (BEng) and someone with a true passion for everything creative, no matter what the medium.


‘When I was a little kid and loved to draw all the time, so when I got to high school I knew I wanted to do something art or design related but knew that I wasn’t going to be an actual fine art kind of artist. I was also very good at maths and that kind of stuff and loved playing with computers even as a small kid. So after graduating high school I applied to study Media Technology in Lahti University of Applied Sciences and there my idea of becoming a designer and working in advertising and digital world really came clear to me since the program combines graphic design and the engineering very nicely. It has proven to be a very smart choice since after graduating I’ve worked in three different digital agencies and as a digital designer and art director it really helps to understand the coding part of digital work too.

So the secret little geek inside me is something that really inspires me in my everyday design work too. I currently work as an Art Director in Luxus Advertising here in Helsinki and love working with these super smart developers who have these amazing technical solutions to cater my design needs. Another thing besides cool new technical gimmicks that inspire me is especially illustrators. The little kid that loves to draw is still lurking inside me so a lot of the freelance work I do is illustration since that’s a very different world to the digital agency work I do at my day job. Also other great designers inspire me greatly, I’ve always wanted to be the best at everything I do – so seeing work better than mine inspires me to get better everyday and learn more all the time. And that is actually great because there’s always going to be someone better than you so you’ll just keep developing yourself all the time and hopefully getting better too.’



‘Currently I’m working on this very inspiring freelance project for a local eyewear company that my friend owns, where I get to do everything from their brand identity to their website. Eventhough I love working with big clients, these small freelance projects with less stress and more freedom are always super fun and inspiring.’




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