Final Year Falmouth University Illustration Student Quinn Shipton

Quinn Shipton is currently finishing up her final year at Falmouth University studying Illustration.

Quinn Shipton - Spacewalker

‘For the most part my work is designed for a young audience. This has led me to be inspired by my own childhood. Growing up I wanted to be an astronaut (sadly I don’t have the brain for it though)!

I started researching more into our solar system for a project last year and got really inspired to learn more about everything outside of our planet. I am currently working on an information book for children all about the International Space Station. Space has always been an inspiration to me and I love that I can use the medium of illustration to inspire children to learn more about what is out there.’

Quinn Shipton - ISS Spacesuit

Quinn Shipton - ISS

Quinn Shipton - Earth

Quinn Shipton - Saturn

Quinn Shipton - Comet

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