Freelance Animator and Artist Chris Lacey

Chris Lacey aka Roboface last year completed his degree in animation at the North Wales School or Art and Design. Prior to that he studied photography and Graphic Design at Yale College.

‘When I was a child I was constantly watching cartoons. All my ‘Looney toons’ and ‘Tom & Jerry’ VHS tapes perished with all the constant rewinding they had to endure. I would religiously watch the Simpson’s at six o’clock on BBC Two and it was always my dream to become an animator. Currently my main influence would have to be ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’. It has an incredibly vibrant world with some of my absolute favourite character designs. I’m also really enjoying Gravity Falls at the moment and I just finished watching season one of the absurdly hilarious Rick and Morty.’

‘I’ve just finished my first studio job at Kilogramme animation studios working on several shorts for BBC learning. It was a fantastic experience and It cemented my opinion that I will be an animator for the rest of my life! I’ve since moved to Manchester to make a go of progressing my freelance career and everything is all very exciting!’



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