Freelance Illustrator Clelia Colantonio

Clelia Colantonio earned her Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design from Milan in 2006, more recently she completed her degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Central Saint Martins in 2013.


‘Praised as a young talent in a number of platforms as UAL Talent, Creative Review and Digital Arts when still in school, she has been working as a freelance illustrator ever since she graduated.

When it is time to approach a new project, she carefully considers the most appropriate media to use, by focusing on that sort of randomness that even the most exquisite object has. Those undefined characteristic are the ‘unfinished job’ that is for the eyes of the beholder to complete. The form should be always considered as content, and therefore never underestimated.’


‘Screen-printing, risograph, or silver gelatine on glass are only a few of the media she has been worked with in the past years, in order to embrace a practise that is on the verge between fine art and illustration. Living in a word where everyone wants to be referred as ‘artist’ she prefers to go with a more specific word: artisan.’


‘Among her most recent works, there are a number of Artist’s books focusing on the idea of identity and cultural issues and a partnership with the Guildhall School of Music for a festival called ‘The curious Festival’ hold at the Barbican.

She has been involved for some time now in visually complementing a column on thisisnotpaper: an Italian online platform, which is not merely an archive, but rather a guideline for anyone interested in the panorama of Italian and International ‘good’ publishing. Ultimately, some of her commercial works will be soon published on a number of publications by the end of the summer.’




Website | Tumblr | @colantonio_c