Graphic Design Graduate Ross Linton

Ross Linton has just completed his studies as a graphic designer at the University of Gloucestershire.

The Creme De La Creme

‘As a fresh graphic designer making my way into the creative world, I aim to produce work with a difference. I have just finished studying my graphic design degree at the University of Gloucestershire. Whilst studying here I have learnt that simplicity is key and thinking based design creates purpose within each piece.

Now as a graduate designer, I plan to catch creative agencies interest with my versatile portfolio. I love to produce work of all kinds, therefore not limiting my portfolio to certain areas of creativity. One of my recent projects was for Taxi Studio/Carlsberg which required to produce a brand identity, this become ‘Outcask’. This required me to produce a variety of packaging and promotional material, which was later published on The Dieline.’


Roady Repairs

FIXIT Project


The Pride Guide

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