Graphic Designer and Illustrator Stephanie Bell

Stephanie Bell originally studied Fine art, but has most recently graduated from Shillington College in Graphic Design. She is currently interning and learning her trade at Dazed & Confused.

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‘I studied Fine Art with Art History and a minor in Design for three years at University. Whilst there I was involved in the University’s newspaper and frequently wrote for the arts’ sections. I got promoted to Editors of the Arts sections (art, culture, features, fashion, lifestyle etc) which was a lot of fun. I interned at a copy writing company, and enrolled in a course with the London School of Journalism, studying Subediting & Design. I pretty much love words and pictures – it’s a simple as that!

I have recently graduated from Shillington College, where I studied a full time course in Graphic Design. It was a fantastic experience and a total game changer learning how to be creative and expressive through different mediums in the Creative Suite. The course is designed to teach you how to use these programs, but to a highly effective, efficient and professional level so you can enter a job fully competent with a strong working knowledge of design.’

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