Graphic Designer and Teacher James Macintyre

Graphic Designer and Photographer James Macintyre is a graduate from The University for the Creative Arts, now based at Rochester teaching pre degree art and design to 50+ students.


Having worked at a handful of design agencies after my Graphic Design degree, either for freelance or full time employment, I made the decision to give back these enhanced learning experiential journeys I had gained from these companies, and to now pass this on to the next generation of creatives. Now nearing the end of my PGCE teaching qualification, I hope to continue to share the learning experiences I have gained, and will carry on gaining next year at The University of Creative Arts where i am currently teaching.



I am constantly inspired by everything around me, be it pop culture, creative blogs, new tech or my creative peers. I am probably inspired most of all by my students, who have and will force me to keep experimenting for their greater benefit.



I currently have quite a few projects ready to go in the summer including a Cinemagraph / Wigglegram project, a night time lazer Photography project and a Knolling project. All will be revealed over the next few months so check my site for updates.


The biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone is, when something excites you, do it!
Even if you feel like it is you alone that is excited. Being excited and enthusiastic will eventually make you better than those that aren’t.

Website | @_jamesmacintyre