Illustration Graduate Alice Evitts

Alice Evitts is coming to the end of her Illustration degree at the University of Gloucestershire, she describes herself as an Illustrator, surfer & the best tea drinker in town.

Cat Got Your Tongue

‘As long as I can remember I have always been interested in making pictures. I chose to study Fine Art at school and college, I eventually realised that it wasn’t for me as Illustration became an option during my Graphic Design A Level course. I then went on to do a Foundation Diploma at Stourbridge College before starting an Illustration degree at the University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham. The course and tutors have really helped me to expand my knowledge, skills and professionalism within the illustration world.’

Sich Freuen Wie Ein Scheenkonig

‘I like to observe and contemplate human beings. Most fascinating is the behaviour, traditions and speech, I like to explore these avenues within my work. My most recent project, ‘Illustrating Idioms’, drew from this interest.

My illustrations are formed by the desire to make everyday things interesting, my influences include Gabriel Alborozo and Jean-Michel Basquait, I have always enjoyed his colourful, eclectic art. Taking inspiration from the shapes and forms I see everyday I like to fill pages with blind drawings, I find this increases my ability to draw from memory and allows me to be more spontaneous within my illustrations.’

Raconter Des Salades

‘My work is vibrant, energetic, immediate and created using a variety of tools and media selected due to their ability to deprive me of control. Wax crayon harks back to childhood and nothing is more humble than this alarmingly fragile, charming stick of pure colour, these crayons complement the crudeness of torn paper and brushstrokes. Such simple elements alone but when combined create colourful, vigorous layers full of energy. My will is not totally surrendered to these materials, however, they are highly flexible and allow me to take a step back and watch agreeably as gestural marks, lines and textures are produced.

I am coming to the end of my third and final year at University so am currently focusing on my degree show which opens at the end of this month, however, I am sketching more often and trying to develop my style, I hope to have work ready for the Cheltenham Illustration Awards and possibly Elcaf.’

It's Raining Old Ladies And Sticks


Sploucha Mu Na Majak

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