Junior Designer Tom Dunn of Kids with Puns

Tom Dun is a Falmouth University graduate and Junior Designer at branding agency 400.



‘I run a small publication entitled Kids With Puns, a magazine which celebrates the humble pun. The magazine is collaboration between illustrators, artists and designers and showcases a variety of wordplay related work. The aim of the publication is to show that puns are not a low form of wit but are instead an opportunity for creativity.

At university it started out as blog where I would post the occasional illustrated pun. After a while people became aware of what I was doing and wanted to get involved. So in my last year I advertised for people to submit their own witty wordplay and was blown away by the response. I decided to showcase what I had received into a printed magazine. In the future I’m hoping to create a couple more issues and then hopefully create a book, which would contain all of the work I’ve received.’



‘There are some really good illustrators that have contributed in the past and I’m very thankful that they took the time to illustrate a pun. Initially most of the contributors for issue one were friends and students from Falmouth University but now having just released issue three I’m receiving submissions from all over e.g from London to South Africa. I’m now currently looking for submissions for issue 4.’



Website | @kidswithpuns