One Year On | With Claire Short aka CES Tech Creative

One year on celebrates the work of Claire Short, we featured her work on the site back in July of 2013.

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Since graduating from the University of Central Lancashire, BAHons Advertising, I have been one busy little duck. I didn’t want to loose my creative flare so I starting advertising a logo design service amongst friends and family as well as smaller online sites. I knew this would keep me ticking until I managed to find a job in an agency. Well this was proving to be harder then I anticipated. I applied for tones of jobs in agencies as a Graphic Designer but most turned their noses up at my portfolio as it wasn’t “graphic” based, it was advertising; extremely disheartening but, it gave me a great sense of determination to create a more graphics based portfolio.

I stumbled across an internship placement advert on Gumtree. It was a three-week position at Webantic, Manchester. The post mentioned a position for a graphic designer, despite my previous knockbacks I applied hoping I would have a better chance, as it was a placement. To my surprise I was accepted onto the placement. I valued the whole placement as I was set a shed load of briefs to work on, from creating Logos for businesses to small graphics for websites. I gained numerous new skills and learnt a huge amount about business and graphics in general. It was this placement that captured my inspiration, which led me to set up CES Tech Creative.

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I am now working as the Creative Director under my own Limited company, CES Tech Creative, which is a creative digital agency specialising in creating brands for new and established businesses.

It’s extremely tough, as I knew it would be; yet at the same time it’s completely rewarding. I get to pick the types clients I want to produce designs for (without being too choosey) and I am controlling the designs I create. This is proving to be a mammoth task, as now, I don’t have anyone to direct or correct me, every design and brand, from start to finished is drawn, captured, Photoshopped, Illustrated, digitilised and quality controlled, by me.

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I have created bespoke logo designs and brands for all sorts of businesses all over the UK, from Bridal shops to photographers, from Boutiques to writer’s blogs with each and every client loving the result of the designs I produce for them. This has given a new lease of confidence as I know that what I am doing is giving others self-assurance within their business. It’s a huge responsibly!

I am working in partnership with print shops, signage shops, marketing businesses and web designers, not to mention the vast amount of amazing people I have met over the past 6 months via networking events such as BNI and the Business Clinic.

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Never have I made a better decision. Becoming a self-employed graphic designer has filled that gap in my life that I don’t think any other job could ever do. Hard work plus a creative flare has set me onto the right track for a successful future, even if I do say so myself!

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