Self-Taught Artist and Illustrator Karl Newson

Karl Newson is a self-taught artist and illustrator from Norwich, Norfolk.

Stargazing, Poetry & a Cup of Tea

‘I began illustrating after receiving a sack load of rejection letters for a children’s story I’d written; I thought I could better convey the story if I included some drawings with my manuscript, the only problem was – my illustrations were rubbish! So, I spent the next six years drawing and writing and honing a style I can say is my own. I’ve been heavily influenced by the works of Oliver Jeffers and Axel Scheffler, and I think this shows. If I can fit somewhere in the middle of the two of them I’d be happy as can be!

I exhibited for the first time in February 2013. I was terribly nervous and didn’t feel ready for the scrutiny of other people’s eyes, but the feedback was great, and it spurred me on to do more… since then I’ve had several successful solo exhibitions, co-founded a brilliant art group (@BeastNorwich), quit my day job to go freelance and illustrated my first children’s picture book ‘Rupert the Dinosaur’, written by Douglas Vallgren and published in November 2013.’

Rupert the Dinosaur cover

The Fearsome Cupcake

‘Earlier this year the poster and book plate I designed for International Book Giving Day was shared around the world. I was sent photographs of it being stuck into books by children from as far as Australia and Japan, and no words can describe how amazing that feels! Right now, I’m looking to get an agent and hoping to land a publishing deal of my own; as author and illustrator. To quote the Beatles ‘It’s getting better all the time’…’

Cat in a Stripy Jumper

It's a jungle out there!

POSTER - Book Giving Day 2014

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