Surface Pattern Designer Darnita L Howard

Darnita L Howard is a digital artist and surface pattern designer based in Seattle, WA.

Brain Activity.DLH

‘Roughly five years ago I decided to follow the course of an artist. After receiving my BA in Mass Communications from Bennett College, I worked in the field of education. An urge kept tugging at me to bring art into the fold. Though my coursework in visual arts was sparse, I knew I had a keen eye for color and design. Therefore, I left my 9-to-5 office job and began to pursue art full-time. My first venture was designing graphic tees for an online shop called Cotton Smoothie. That venture lasted for a couple years because I really was drawn to patterns. I seem to fall into a trance whenever I see an amazing pattern.

From that moment, I learned about the world of fractals. Fractals were a marriage between math, life, and art. Because of the inherent repetitive nature of fractals, it seemed like the perfect blend to use them and other digital techniques for surface pattern design. My works explore spirituality, nature, love, beauty, and culture. I am inspired by geometry and simple landscapes with underlying complexity in patterns such as those found in trees and waves. Influences are diverse including fractal artist Doug Harrington, optical illusionist M.C. Escher, and surface designers Jessica Swift and Khristian A. Howell.’

Tree Rings No2pattern.DLH

‘My current projects focus on design for the home furnishings sector. Since 2011, I have utilized Spoonflower to design fabric, wallpaper, and now giftwrap. Most recently, I opened a shop on Society6 designing home décor items and electronic accessories.’

Web of Enlightenment.DLH

Colossal Spiral pattern.DLH

Floral print dress.DLH

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