Visual Development Artist and Illustrator Spencer Epps

Spencer Epps is originally from Seattle Washington and he’s currently working as a visual development artist and illustrator.


‘I enjoy telling stories in my work, which is shape and color driven. I tend to use graphic simple shapes to describe form rather than render with detail. A compelling color combination can make even the most simplistic work interesting.

I attended Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. While at school I worked with another Artist, Steve Mercer, to create a graphic novel entitled “Visum: The Guardians of the Gates” for our senior thesis. Thankfully the project was successful, and we were able to fund the printing of the book through Kickstarter. As for inspiration I am constantly looking through blogs, twitter, instagram, and following artists for reference and ideas. I also draw from books, films, hobbies, and everyday life!’


‘I have worked on games and an animated film, but currently I am doing some volunteer scientific illustrations for the Biomimicry Institute, along with a few other volunteer projects, a little logo design, and always, always, working on the comic. Being a freelance artist makes everyday an adventure.’





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