Artist and Illustrator Eva Janique

Polish born Eva Janique works with charcoal, water colours, pencil and oil paints for her illustrative work which focuses on landscapes, architecture, horses and figures of women.


‘At 22, nearing the end of my MA in Politics I try to balance academics with art. I’m 100% Polish, born and brought up in Istanbul, Turkey – a city which inspires me everyday. A lot of my work incorporates landscapes and historical monuments in cities that I’ve lived in or visited. While I’ve had no formal artistic training (except a one-month fashion illustration course in Paris), depicting the reality surrounding me in an abstract way has always been a form of expression since my early years. Since the age of 3 I’ve had a fascination with horses and the beauty and grace of their movement. Over the years I have experimented with several techniques and evolved as an artist, becoming more confident in what effect I want to achieve.’


‘I have been greatly influenced by Dominique Appia, Zdzislaw Beksinski and Fabio Giampietro – whose works have given me the courage to experiment and stay truthful to my instincts.

Recently I have taken to drawing and painting female figures and my latest works focus on portraying the shapes of the female body and horses in a fragmented manner. My (still ongoing) project aims to emphasize the beauty of specific parts of the living art – basically, just like in life we like to focus on our best/worst features, such as nice hands, toned arms or legs, I try to make each body element separate in creating a harmonious whole.’


‘I plan to hold a solo exhibition in Istanbul before the end of 2014, with large-scale works combining different media – from charcoal, biro pen, water colours/acrylics and oil paint. My work is predominantly monochromatic, with nuances of soft colouring to enhance the image. I have a slight fear of colour, thereby limiting myself to only the bare minimum of tones, however I hope to experiment with braver tones for my next project.’