Falmouth Graphic Design Student Anna Lamburn

Anna Lamburn is a third year graphic design student from Falmouth University, another Falmouth student with a big future ahead of her.


‘I always loved Art at school and studying Graphic Design at Falmouth University helped me to utilise these skills and apply them to communication design. My tutors taught me to make the idea the hero, and in general I believe that if an idea needs much explaining it’s probably not a winner. I’ve got to sketch through rubbish to get to the good ideas, and I find talking to people totally unrelated to design is really refreshing when I’m stuck on a project.

My portfolio is laced with illustration, painting and other hand rendered elements, and it definitely adds something soulful to my work. I’m interested in narrative and taking the audience on a journey. I want to connect people to the heart of a brand and make them smile, even if it’s just for a second.’


‘I get influenced by other designer’s way of thinking, but looking at their work for inspiration is dangerous. It’s very easy to accidentally replicate something you’ve seen, or design something because it looks cool. What I aim to do – and I’m still learning here – is focus solely on the idea and make it simple, engaging and different.’







Website | @AnnaLamburn