Freelance Animator and Illustrator Natasha Fishman

Natasha Fishman was inspired at an early age by Loony Toons and Tex Avery, she graduated in 2010 from the School of Visual Arts in Animation and now works as a freelance artist.

‘I’ve lived in Long Beach, Long Island all my life and found a passion for art at a very early age. I was mostly inspired by Loony Toons, Tex Avery and infamous gems from the 80’s and 90’s along with a nice handful of anime and horror movies thrown into that list. Creating characters and writing stories became one of my favorite past times and as I got older there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to pursue art as a career.’


‘I graduated from School of Visual Arts in 2010 with a degree in traditional animation. It’s probably the most rewarding thing to see something you create with your hands come to life with a few strategically posed drawings. I’m always inspired by other artists to grow and improve as I journey through my career.

Currently I’m working as a freelance artist, working on a bunch of different projects from children’s book illustrations to character designing and animation. Though, I have to say, what I’m most excited about is attending events and parties as a caricature artist. I feel like it’s opened up another philosophical door in the creativity section of my brain – I love it.’


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