Freelance Artist & Video Editor Ivey Ao

Freelance Artist & Video Editor Ivey Ao is a Chinese American who was born and raised in NYC.

‘I’m an Chinese American who was born and raised in New York City. I enjoyed drawing a lot since I was a small child. I was raised on a lot of television from the 90s and early 2000s such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. I decided to major in animation in School of Visual Arts. Initially I wanted to write and direct film, I was more into storytelling then the manual animation process. But then I discovered that I very much enjoyed the process of animation itself. There’s something about bringing characters to life through drawings that gives me great satisfaction. Besides animation, I do vector illustration, design, video editing and some special effects.

I love vector pop art (although I digitally paint occasionally), my style of animation has been influenced by some vector pop artists. I coloured my short film “Yin and Dave,” using vector pop designs. Huge influences on my work include Asian American pop culture, traditional Chinese mythology, and classic literature. I also used to be an avid gamer, and I played a lot of video games starting from junior high school until the first year of college. Even though I’ve stopped playing games, gaming is another major factor of why I decided to get into storytelling media.’



‘Currently I am freelancing, but I’m also working to get into indie gaming. Although I majored in animation, I realized that video games, more than anything even animation, has influenced my storytelling. I’m jotting down some premises for games, looking up learning how to code, and I hope to possibly get started on creating games of my own.’




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