Freelance Illustrator Tim Nicholson

Freelance illustrator Tim Nicholson is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, he graduated from the University of Lincoln back in 2006.

roy hodgson zoo magazine

‘I grew up in rural Yorkshire before moving to Lincoln to study Media Production. I got a good degree and even though I created a pretty good animated short in my third year I was really more taken with the work on the design course, especially after attending one of the graduate exhibitions. After that I travelled a bit and then focused on starting a career in design. Eventually I moved to London and worked for five years as a designer at a promotional goods company, over that five years I came to realise that illustration was all I wanted to do. Once London became a little too crazy for a country boy like me I re-located to Newcastle and that’s when I decided to try freelancing.

Over time I’ve become more and more interested in digital art and my work is vector based. There’s a wealth of good vector artists out there but I find the differences in the end product fascinating, everyone’s pretty much using the same software and similar techniques but the output it all very individual. When it comes to my own work I like to achieve a high level of detail, I plot each anchor point with a mouse with the belief that this gives my final artworks a bit more of a hand-crafted feel, something which I hope will prove to be my calling card.’

guy garvey

‘It’s still quite early doors for me but I’m now on the books at Inky Illustration Agency and am producing illustrations for private clients as well as the editorial and publishing sectors. Recently I’ve finished a portrait of Roy Hodgson for Zoo Magazine and I have a good relationship with the team at Like The Wind Magazine. Looking ahead I’m a keen runner and would love to get my hands on a big ad’ campaign for a sportswear company but my priority for the time being is to build a sustainable client base so I can keep doing the work I’m so passionate about.’

the north face

tour de france prologue

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