Freelance Illustrator Zoe Neilson

Zoe Neilson is a South London based Illustrator who has just completed her BA Hons in Fine Art from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.


‘Studied Art for A Levels then went on to complete her BA Hons in Fine Art at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. Specialising in contemporary stylised illustrative portraiture, working mainly with watercolour, graphite and biro. Currently working on several commissions and starting up a t-shirt company.

During my years at University I was originally inspired by Alphonse Mucha Art Nouveau style which lead me to capture the ethereal aura’s of humanities unique individuals. Using elements of fashion and music, drawing and painting musicians and fashion icons currently.’


‘I have a fascination for all individuals. Analysing their every move, from the strange, bizarre and quirky qualities to the formal, reserved and prim attributes they hold. People are so intriguing to me. My subjects are usually my own personal fashion muses, many being musicians. I become infatuated with certain personalities, artists themselves, their fashion/lives/lifestyles amalgamate captivatingly with their music. I am an extremely nostalgic person and have a very thoughtful approach on life, which brings about inspired memories of my own from childhood which resonates through my work, from fictional characters and musicians I remember that had an impact on me at some point in time in some way.

When it comes to painting people I am especially drawn to those who have added embellishments to their appearance, am attracted to accessories with prominent symbols, hair; vibrant colours and exaggerated lengths, so there’s an element of nouveau, body art, anything that makes the person aesthetically a bit distinctive, gives another dimension and addition to my paintings and drawings.’





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