Graphic Design Graduate Allyson Black

Allyson Black is a graphic designer from a little town called Coleraine in Northern Ireland.


‘I have always been a creative person; I loved drawing and music growing up and as I got older, I realised that design was what I wanted to do in my life. I completely love it. I think it is so freeing when you actually love what you do for ‘work’. My favourite things to work with is typography (huge type nerd), type setting and layout. I have experience in creating branding, illustration, editorial design, magazines and films. The saying ‘less is more’ reflects my own style. I tend to use bright colours, sticking to the brief but also communicating it as best as possible. Working on a variety of projects is exciting because it challenges me to think of new approaches
and fresh ideas.’

‘In the last few weeks i’ve recently just finished a degree in Design for Creative Practice at the University of Ulster, Magee, Londonderry/Derry. In my final project for University I created a brand called ‘Pure Gold’ which is a magazine (hand finished), filled with creative art & design work / interviews. I also created a ‘Street Style’ publication and some films; including a interview film with
an artist called Liz Simpson. For a number of years now, I have been very interested in editorial design, especially magazines and I thought that this project would be a great opportunity to gain some more knowledge in. I explored hand lettering which I think is a great skill to have. I also learned how to create some handmade stylings such as; DIY gold foil blocking and booklet binding.’

‘The style of illustrations that I create is influenced by My Dead Pony. As I mentioned, I am a big type nerd and I love the artwork at Sevenly – the typography is mainly created by hand and I constantly get inspired by that. I get inspired with many parts of life – being outside in nature, having conversations with people over coffee, admiring drink labels or cool packaging. I’m am a believer of this quote I saw on the internet – “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it”.’





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