Graphic Design Graduate Colin McCalmont

Colin McCalmont has just completed his final year at Blackpool & The Fylde College studying B.A Hons Graphic Design previously of the Sourthern Regional College, Newry, Northen Ireland.



‘For this years YCN competition I choose to do the Femfresh brief as I wanted to set myself a challenge and having no existing knowledge of the female anatomy outside of movies and the odd embarrassing bodies episode I thought it was the perfect way to stretch my limitations.

The brief asked to sell the product to younger females in a way that stayed true to Femfresh Brand personality,by being sassy, confident, clever and credible. I also wanted to create a campaign that appealed to women but also let men share in the humour and make it a less stigmatised product, which would hopefully encourage young females to not only try Femfresh but to implement it into their daily routines.’



‘Within this project I strived for three things, simplicity, a clear concept and humour. Its no surprise that many forms of advertising are completely ignored on a daily basis, there are numerous reason why but the main flaw is the fail to demand attention. I find the ones that do grab my interest and make me go back for another look are the ones that have me busting a gut in the middle of the street.

Moving on in the future I am looking for any experiences i can get my hands on. hopefully in the not so distant future I’ll be working in either copywriting or advertising. I can’t wait for the day my mum can open a magazine, and say look at my sons work, isn’t he talented, who knew he knew so much about intimate female hygiene.’




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