Graphic Design Student Bethany Baker

Bethany Baker has just completed her collage studies in graphic design this summer, she is beginning her studies at university this September at the Manchester School of Art.

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‘I am influenced by mundane things, I really am. I can buy books and blog all I like about lovely design but boring everyday objects/features influence me the most. I am forever appreciating the thick, bright yellow lines along train platforms, accidental plaint splats on concrete floors and the odd burst of bright colours on signs as i feel like i can make something of it. I do enjoy simplicity but I am a very cluttered person outside of my work which is strange, maybe my style is just me getting to be the tidy person I wish I was! I tend to be influenced by colour a lot too. Most of the time I have a colour swatch before I even start a piece. Bright colours are my favourites but pastels are catching up! Once I find the perfect colour it has to be incorporated within my work, it just has to be. Even if I have to start a whole new project just so I can use it!’

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Graphic Design has been in my life for 5 years now as I took it very seriously even in high school as I started my own blog and took on a few commissions here and there. When I realised I had found the creative subject I wanted to put all of my time and effort into I decided to take my love for the subject further onto college. I am currently at the end of my second year at Kingston College, progressing onto University this September. I will be moving to Manchester to carry on with Graphic Design at Manchester School Of Art for another three years. Attending college has been one of the best decisions I have made so far as I really feel like I’ve progressed so much! It’s a great time to experiment with your work and find out what your strengths are and open your eyes to the things you need to improve on. I am also very excited to see where University takes me and to develop my skills further!’

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‘My most recent project has been the most exciting one! I have been working on my final major project for college and I have worked so hard on it. I have curated my very own Magazine aimed at prospective and current creative students. Ideally helping them bag commissions and ‘survive’ University. As I am going through the switch over to University from College I felt everyone in the same boat needed something honest and visually appealing to engage in. I have gathered advice from current and past students, people in the creative industry and added a few features on social networking and settling in to University comfortably. I hope to develop it further as I would love to work closely with magazines in the future. Throwing myself into new software happened to work in my favour with this project, learning lots about InDesign and setting publications up for print. I should be posting more about it online after my end of year exhibition this month!’

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