Jewellery Designer and Maker Sarah Keat

Sarah Keat is a graduate of the Design and Craft course at The University of Brighton.

Sewn Cells

‘Sarah Keat has always had a creative flare from a young age. She studied an Art and Design apprenticeship whilst at school, which then led on to a BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design. After her successful completion of this course, Sarah then went on to study BA Design and Craft at The University of Brighton. It was there that she discovered her passion for jewellery.

The main influences for Sarah’s work depend on where she is. The use of drawings and experimenting with different materials are a key part to her design process. A common theme throughout the pieces is the use of fabrics and cottons mixed with metals.’

Growth Ring

‘The current project Sarah has been working on for her degree show has been a series of jewellery pieces that explore cell behaviors like division and mutation. By looking at images of cells underneath the microscope, she then draws her own interpretation of the image, focusing on the shapes and patterns they create. Precious metal is wrapped in cotton thread to bring to mind cells being taken over by disease or mutation. Other pieces show material escaping the jewellery as if something is growing from inside. The pieces are a reminder of the intricacies of natural life and an appreciation of the hidden details within us.’


Cell Necklace


Sewn ring

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