LJMU Graphic Design & Illustration Graduate Dave Dodd

Dave Dodd is soon to graduate from the Graphic Design and Illustration course at LJMU and enter the “real world” at the ripe old age of 23.


‘The last three years of study have been crucial to my development, I love to create and make things- be it design, books, puppets or any other thing that I drag from the recesses of my brain. I came out of my foundation course terrified that university would transform me into a hard edged designer who found a style and stuck to it no matter what. My three years at university, thankfully, have proven that this black and white view of maker and design being separate is completely false. It’s all a massive grey area- the answer to the simple question of “What is graphic design” not having a bias toward style shows this, it’s all just visual communication.’


‘My most recent projects have been really quite varied in content but the form is often a publication of some sort. I have a real fascination with the seemingly endless things that can be done with print and publications, it’s a form that begs for play and experimentation. For instance my Stewart Lee project “Moving to the Countryside” used the form to emulate the nature of the comedian’s onstage persona and his drip feeding of information. My “WBC HATES ___” protest kit blends publication and picket sign to contain more information than a single protest sign could hold whilst allowing the nuance of different voices to show through.’


‘My work is influenced by a lot of people in terms of visual artists; Hort, Spin, Unit Editions, Kate Moross, Will Bryant, Wayne White etc but also comedians such as Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Ray Peacock, Louis CK, Marc Maron and more. Humour is and always will be an important thing to me. Currently I am searching for my next step, testing the waters and getting myself out there. I’m also trying to deal with what Ira Glass calls “The Gap” – anxiety of a perceived void between your taste and the work you create. The best solution to this for me is making as much work as possible and learning new things. At the moment I’m exploring generative art using the HYPE framework (developed by Joshua Davis) alongside Processing to create artwork to be explored with different printing methods.’



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