LJMU Graphic Design & Illustration Graduate Eliza Mallender

Eliza Mallender about to graduate from LJMU in graphic design & illustration, she is currently experimenting a lot with her own recent work.


‘I’m just about to graduate from Liverpool School of Art & Design, and have been studying Graphic design & illustration here for the past three years. I specialise in printed design, particularly that in the form of a book or publication. I only really found this out during my final year though, I think college and first and second year were all about finding my way really. I remember being really bothered about finding my own ‘style’ back in first year, when really it just evolves eventually – you can’t find it it just happens. Unlike a lot of people I was at uni with, I didn’t do an art foundation degree. I went to sixth form college from school and studied a BTEC ND in graphic design, and decided to go straight from that into university.’

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‘My recent work all seems to be quite experimental, and I love design that kind of needs an explanation to go alongside it, something that’s been thought out and planned intricately. I think it’s very important to continually be doing stuff, making things even when you’re not set a specific brief – I intend to carry on with projects just to amuse myself despite finishing uni and not yet having a job! I’m eager to do a project slightly different to my usual style, I’d love to have a go at some guerilla advertising – I do have a project in mind but I’ll keep that to myself for the time being.

In terms of the future, post university, I’m planning three to four months travelling around Europe, I’ve got some graphic design placements booked in and I plan on continuing with my work the way I have been recently. I’m also hoping to get involved in a shared studio environment, it’s so valuable to be around other creatives when working on projects.’

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