Melly Beth Talks about her Creative Studio NumB Design

​NumB-design begun life as a creative studio ​born in Rome in 2009.


‘Dealing with web design, illustration, toy and character design it has evolved to become a collection of dolls the USB dolls ​(fancy pen drives doll shaped) made to give colour joy and happiness to things and objects of everyday life.

Numb-design is me Benny an illustrator, toy and web designer with the passion for design, kawaii and manga style and with an obsession for cute stuffs. I design each doll with her own personality, style and character and then I give her life in pen drives, t-shirts, pins, phone cases and in any kind of graphic stuff even in wedding invitations|!!

My last project is called USB charms …some disney characters turned into acrylic charms with related magnets and pins.’




Website | @numb_design