Metals and Jewellery Artist Sam Mitchell

Sam Mitchell is a metals and jewellery artist who grew up in Virginia and completed her BFA in Metal and Jewellery Arts at James Madison University in 2009.

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‘Shortly after she found herself in the strange and mysterious land of Iowa City, IA. In May of this year she completed her MFA at the University of Iowa and is slated to return to Virginia this fall to teach at her alma mater. Childhood and all that may encompass it inspire her bold aesthetic. She creates one of a kind works of wearable art as well as everyday pieces that are meant to bring joy to the wearer.

The work I create attempts to explore the vast precipice between adolescence and adulthood. Our whole lives we are essentially labeled one or the other yet we are often striving to be the one we are not. Childhood is fleeting, gone the moment we realize how truly special it is. Adulthood is elusive, ever looming yet continually out of reach.’

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‘Good or bad, memories are my most precious possession. I inject these remembrances into every piece I create. My aim is to celebrate these moments through wearable adornment. The occasion then becomes a badge, both an honor and a reminder. I pull from imagery, and choose materials that are commonly recognisable by the children of my generation. These specific forms, colors, and materials are representations of my memories: both as a child growing up, and those I have accumulated interacting with my son. I have only my own recollections to pull from, but my hopes are that others can find glimpses of their own past from which to tell their stories.

Currently I am recovering from graduating, setting up my home studio, and looking for a venue to house a solo show I’d like to put together. I remain in that strange limbo between adolescence and adulthood that is continually influencing my work, I have a head full of ideas that are just waiting to come to fruition. I am beyond excited.’

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Website | @sugarsamnolia