Printed Textiles Designer Elle Shoel

Elle Shoel is a printed textile designer who combines juxtapositions and colour to create visually exciting fashion fabrics, she is a graduating this summer in Contemporary Applied Arts at the University of Cumbria.

Elle Shoel degree show

‘Inspired endlessly by literature, film and music, my contemporary printed textile designs combine juxtapositions and colour to create visually exciting fashion fabrics. Blending traditional screen-printing techniques, thoughtful digital prints and embroidery, I aim to design imaginative fabrics and write editorial pieces in the same innovative vein. I am Elle Shoel, a 21-year-old BA (Hons.) Contemporary Applied Arts student at the University of Cumbria, specialising in printed textile design. Over the course of my studies, I’ve discovered that my fascination lies in fashion fabric design, styling and writing. I attribute these passions to several influences: my degree course, where I’ve learnt technical skills and developed my personal design style; my A Level studies, in which I developed an understanding of writing and a strong cultural awareness that I utilise in my design work; and the endless influence of music, magazines, fine art, fashion designers, theatre, museums, travel, architecture, literature, films, cities, cultures, textures, colours and the infatuation with the world that sparks any creative impulse.’

Elle Shoel degree show2

‘My current project is a collection named ‘Drugstore Romeos’, of eight screen-printed and digitally printed giant scarves, based on ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ by Tennessee Williams. The collection focuses specifically on the character of Blanche DuBois. I love the paradox of her character – her Southern Belle romantic ideals and New Orleans poverty. I wanted to represent this through my fashion fabrics, and so I drew visuals from The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. The juxtaposition in the architecture reminds me of Blanche DuBois; gold floral decoration and pink marble columns contrasting with blue neon lights and exposed wires. The Royal Exchange inspired my colour scheme and many of the motifs in my handmade screen-printed giant scarves.’

Elle Shoel digital

‘I endeavour to remain diverse in my work and push all boundaries. I try to cross borders with my fusion of fashion fabric design, writing and styling; transcending boundaries of the mediums and aiming to deliver something intuitive. I believe my work reflects this energy visually and it resonates through my words when writing – often my work is influenced by literature, such as my ‘Drugstore Romeos’ collection.’

Elle Shoel Barbie Blood tiara

Elle Shoel chiffon

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